Awaken Your Full Potential Using Takionic Products

Takionic Beads

These are little dome-shaped beads that look like opals. They are made of a special complex silica-ceramic composite [Optimum Resonant Materials (ORMS)] which have a unique ability to emit photon (light) energy from the far-infrared spectrum [4-16 millimicron (um) wavelength]. Each bead is also an antenna to focus the beneficial tachyon energy that is in the atmosphere. Instruction sheet included.

To insure the cells remain fastened to the body, a special flesh-tone hypoallergenic tape is recommended. For attaching 1 or 2 beads, the 1" tape is OK, but for attaching larger clusters of beads, the 2" wide tape is preferable. You may also obtain the beads sandwiched as a patch. For more details, refer to the Selection List on the Order Form.

Takionic Pro-Performance Belt

When extra vitality, focus and calmness are needed to cope with hectic schedules, the Takionic belt is a wonderful support. This belt helps improve poor circulation that causes you to feel sluggish and unmotivated. When circulation improves, you perk up, feeling more energy and vitality. This belt is also used by many professional and amateur athletes. Most of them notice an increase in strength, stamina, endurance, and more flexibility and mobility (a general loosening up of stiffness) within minutes.

Takionic Headband and Wristbands

Brain researchers say that your brain peaks (the alpha state) every 90 minutes. This is when you are most alert, creative, yet relaxed. MRI studies show that you can achieve this alpha state within minutes using the Takionic headband. Hundreds of tests conducted on students and adults revealed that this unique headband improved their mathematical test scores by as much as 20-30%. The headband delays mental fatigue and heightens focus and concentration.

These are not ordinary wristbands. Thermographs (infra-red photos) show how these unique wristbands also improve circulation -- the sluggish flow of blood and vital life energy (chi) in your body. Wear these special wristbands when you are playing sports (tennis, weightlifting, etc.) working on a computer, while driving, painting, writing, typing, etc -- if you need more strength and steadiness in your hands.

Wrist and Headband color choices: WHITE - BLACK - LIGHT BLUE - PASTEL PINK - GREY

** Pictured wearing the headband and wristbands is Sherri Howard, a 3-time Olympian Gold & Silver Medalist. **

Takionic Water

The Takionic water is a revitalizing and refreshing water that is pure and cluster-free. This water had undergone the same quantum molecular process that gives it a distinctive tachyon characteristic (ability to create order out of chaos), that is the unique creation of Tachyon Energy Research Inc.

Its level of bioavailable energy far exceeds any other water tested.

"Spark" Takionic Massage Oil

This oil is composed of a synergistic blend of highest-quality, plant-based oils that have been been energized by the proprietary Takionic process. The result is an oil of exceptional energetics. Pain relief, increased flexibility and range of movement are among the effects noted by users of this remarkable product. Please refer to the Testimonials page for actual results a user reported.

  • "Spark" Massage Oil -- 4 oz. bottle -- $17.95
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  • Takionic Coil

    The Takionic Coil is a 10" length of Takionic material that you can wrap around your wrist, ankle, steering wheel, faucet, or wherever you need extra tachyon energy. It stays in the position you mold until you bend it again into a new shape. Children especially love these!

  • Takionic Coil -- $29.95
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  • We offer a complete line of Takionic products, including Takionic Jewelry, Exercise Clothing (Pants and Jackets), 30-Bead Patches, 50-Bead Patches, 100-Bead Patches, Caps and Shoe Insoles. More details and prices are listed on the Order Page under Selections. We also offer courtesy discounts on larger orders. Please inquire by email, fax or telephone for more information.
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