Grow Young With HGH

The Amazing Medically-Proven Plan to

Based on Cutting-Edge Scientific Research

Dr. Ronald Klatz

President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

" Want to be healthy, vital, alert and active on your 100th birthday?
Then you
must read this book. "

--Dr. Bob Goldman, President, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Discover the Age-Reversing Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

  • Lose Fat, Gain Muscle
  • Increase Energy Level
  • Increase Immune Function
  • Enhance Sexual Performance
  • Increase Cardiac Output
  • Improve Skin Elasticity
  • Remove Wrinkles
  • Eliminate Cellulite
  • Improve Vision
  • Increase Memory Retention
  • Improve Quality of Sleep
  • Increase Exercise Performance
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improve Cholesterol Profile
  • Increase Bone Mass
  • Quicken Wound Healing

Dr. Ronald Klatz, a world-reknowned expert on anti-aging, is the founder and president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Co-author of Death in the Locker Room, he is the medical director of Health.Net, an on-line medical information service. Dr. Klatz lives in Chicago. To order his book, please click HERE, and include "HGH BOOK" in the email subject or text area.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in injectible form has been used by Hollywood stars and serious athletes for decades.  It has been proven to stop and then even reverse effects caused by the aging process.  However, the average cost of $2000 to $5000 a month has been out of the reach of most of us.  Now there is an affordable alternative which produces similar results, but with NO risks, no shots and at a price anyone can afford. 

Let me suggest some questions you might be asking:

  1. What is the difference between homeopathic HGH and molecular (or injectable) HGH?

    To understand the answer to this question, you need a grasp of the precepts of
    Homeopathy, which was founded in the early 1800's by Dr. Samuel Hannemann, M.D. Homeopathy literally treating like. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to react to minute doses of materials which in full-strength form would have toxic or undesirable side-effects. The materials are so diluted they leave little more than an imprint on the carrying medium, which is often a combination of water and food-grade alcohol. However, their effect can be more positive, because they stimulate the body to produce the desired effects, or produce its own HGH, in this case. They are usually taken in small quantities over a period of time.

For this reason, homeopathic remedies are safer than pharmaceutical drugs and other OTC (over the counter) formulas. They cause a natural, gentle response in the body without harmful side effects. Homeopathic formulas become more potent through a series of steps, which include serial dilution and succussion (shocking).  This process makes the remedy stronger and more easily absorbed by the body.  One of the most crucial steps in the development of homeopathic HGH was to determine the precise potencies (and resulting frequencies) which would produce the optimum results. 

After much testing, this was successfully accomplished, and as a result, those taking homeopathic HGH regularly are reporting improvements in:

  • muscle strength & size
  • body fat loss
  • workout enhancement
  • skin texture & elasticity
  • decreased skin wrinkling
  • new hair growth/reverse graying
  • improved immune system
  • elevated self esteem
  • improved sleep & vivid dreams
  • sex potency/frequency
  • decreased hot flashes
  • menstrual cycle stability
  • energy level increase
  • mood elevation
  • enhanced memory
  • fatigue/stress reduction
  • improved confidence
  • enhanced wound healing

Through extensive research and experience, homeopathic HGH has been proven to work as well as molecular HGH in much smaller doses and with virtually no side effects. This does not mean homeopathic HGH necessarily substitutes exactly for injectable HGH, but it does offer a safe, convenient, effective and much more affordable alternative.

Adelle Davis, M.S., in her book Let's Get Well, claims that, due to our less than healthy lifestyles, we have developed scar tissue in the Liver and Pituitary Gland, as well as elsewhere in our bodies.  This scar tissue can impede the production of growth hormone. Factors that can influence scar tissue development include poor nutrition (lack of proper nutrients), various diseases, nitrites, smoking (including 2nd-hand smoke), excessive alcohol use, old internal injuries, high LDL cholesterol, and nerve impingement. Ms. Davis found that homeopathic HGH dosing was highly effective in bypassing scar tissue blockage, leading to better absorption.

It may be the ability of homeopathic HGH to bypass scar tissue blockage is the reason homeopathic HGH provides the amazing results being reported.

When compared to other methods of obtaining HGH, homeopathic HGH offers these benefits:

Another question:

  1. Is homeopathic HGH 2004 approved by the FDA?

    An FDA ruling in 1938 established that the FDA had no concern with homeopathic remedies, other than a general concern for safety and purity. Therefore, the FDA neither approves nor disapproves of these products.

The HGH in homeopathic HGH 2004 is, however, FDA-approved and is originally derived from HGH produced by Eli Lilly in a 1x homeopathic dilution. It is then further diluted to 10X, 30x and 100x & succussed (shocked) to achieve the proper "frequency" for better absorption. Minerals and herbs are then added, as well as other proprietary ingredients, making HGH 2004 a truly remarkable product. br>
The process of creating HGH 2004 is very unusual.  Each 4-ounce bottle of HGH 2004 is formulated within the bottle you receive.  Homeopathic HGH cannot be made in large volumes, as is done in the manufacture of many health products, and then just poured into little bottles.  A much more expensive and labor-intensive process is required to ensure that each bottle of HGH 2004 meets exacting specifications.  The multiple processes of serial dilutions and succussion (shocking) must be done by hand.

Do not be fooled by products which proclaim anti-aging benefits but which contain no actual human growth hormone (HGH)!  These cheap imitations can not offer either the range of anti-aging effects produced by HGH 2004, nor give as rapid results as most people experience after taking HGH 2004!  There is simply no comparison!

The current high re-order rate for HGH 2004 is the best indicator of how effective a product it is for so many people.  Once people start taking HGH 2004, most do not want to pass a day without experiencing the varied benefits it offers. 

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