An Opportunity to Help Support CCMS Expansion Plans


CCMS is outgrowing its current facility, and is seeking contributor and investor partners to help us keep growing.  Located at 6000 feet in one of the few pristine mountain areas in Colorado that remain largely undeveloped, bordered by US Forest Service (BLM) wilderness areas and campgrounds, situated on river valley land between two alpine snowmelt-fed streams, Carbondale is an ideal location for a Macrobiotic/Natural Lifestyle retreat, education and healing center.


Depending on the amount and size of contributions and investments that can be obtained, CCMS plans to increase the amount and size of its housing and education facilities, as well as acquire more land for eco-friendly farming and local self-sufficiency projects.


The following tiers of involvement and benefits are available:


1)      $24/year – 10% discount on books and electronic media + Member recognition.

2)      $70/year – 15% discount on books & electronic media + Contributor recognition.

3)      $160/year -- 20% off all items above & consultation fees + Supporter recognition.

4)      $340/yr. – 25% off above benefits, classes, seminar fees + Associate recognition.

5)      $700/yr – 30% off above benefits, excursion fees + Senior Associate recognition.

6)      $1600/yr. – 35% off all benefits above, board membership + Sponsor recognition.

7)      $3400/yr – 40% off all benefits above + Senior Sponsor recognition.


The following investment levels of participation and benefits are available:


1)      $100,000 – #7 benefits + name on commemorative plaque at facility funded.

2)      $220,000 – 1 free class attendance + Senior Sponsor plaque at facility funded.

3)      $440,000 – lifetime 1 yearly class pass + Benefactor Plaque at facility funded.

4)      $900,000 – lifetime unlimited class pass + Partner Plaque at facility funded.

5)      $2,000,000 – unlimited facility timeshare pass + Facility Name-Memorialized.


For more information, please contact CCMS at 545 South Second Street, Carbondale, Colorado 81623 USA, telephone 970-963-0229, or via email:



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